What we do : Advocacy

One of the key functions of the Mission staff is to support clients by advocating on their behalf, providing a voice for a client when they are unable to make themselves heard. Be it accessing benefits, dealing with debt-collection agencies or navigating their way through bureaucratic paperwork, Mission staff are able to help.

On another level, Mission staff collect statistics, hold in-depth conversations about needs and monitor trends to report back to decision makers and local and national government level - contributing at the highest level to ensure that policy doesn't further marginalise those who are vulnerable. 

The Auckland City Mission is committed to the provision of powerful advocacy to marginalised people in Auckland. 

Auckland City Mission works to:

  • publicly represent, plead for and defend
  • challenge and persuade those in power
  • educate the public
  • make credible arguments based on sound knowledge and accurate information
  • always aim to create change for the better  

Through advocacy, the Mission can give a voice to those who are not listened to and ensure that their rights are represented. Advocacy is an essential part of the Mission's work at both an individual and an organisational level.

As an advocate, the Mission is dedicated to:

  • Being informed on social issues
  • Supporting research
  • Speaking out about social concerns
  • Preparing submissions to government
  • Working with councils on housing options
  • Working with other social service agencies to share knowledge and resources

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Auckland City Mission is a Registered Charitable Entity under the Charities Act 2005. Registration Number CC22938.

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