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12 Early Days of Christmas

12 Early Days of Christmas

September 8, 2019 Posted in Uncategorised by Auckland City Mission

Demand for Auckland City Mission emergency food parcels skyrockets.


The Auckland City Mission is facing an unprecedented demand for food parcels at the same time as it is dealing with a dwindling supply of stock to meet the need.

New statistics show there has been a jump in demand for the emergency food boxes of over 40% per cent in the past year.

In the financial year ending in June 2018 the Mission gave out 15,879 food parcels. This year it was 23,020.

Missioner Chris Farrelly says the figure highlights the growing hardship facing some Aucklanders. An immediate concern is how the Mission will cover its Christmas operation with its current supply and stocks of non-perishable foods.

“We need to start packing our Christmas boxes this month to meet the demand expected at the end of the year but right now we don’t have enough to begin that work. Put simply, the cupboards are bare,” says Mr Farrelly.

The Mission is launching an emergency food drive right now. “We are desperately seeking support so we can make Christmas happen for Auckland’s most vulnerable residents,” he adds.

He notes that most people who seek the Mission’s help for food only do so in times of dire need. “We hear of Mums and Dads who struggle despite each holding down jobs. One extra cost such as a car repair or a medical bill means they can’t put food on the table for their family,” he says.

Mr Farrelly is so thankful to the many generous Aucklanders who support the Mission throughout the year. “And we know there are people and organisations across the city with big hearts who want to help. We need them to know exactly how they can do that.”

The following staple products are on our most wanted list:

Canned goods – all types – baked beans, chopped tomato, protein (fish, meat, legumes), vege, fruit, soup etc. 

Breakfast cereal, pasta, rice, sugar, flour

Soup mix

Spreads (jam, Marmite, peanut butter etc.)

Tea bags / instant coffee

Basic toiletries – soap, sanitary products, tooth paste & toothbrushes

They can be dropped to the Mission Distribution Centre, 15 Auburn St, Grafton, between 9am and 3pm Monday – Saturday. For large donations people can get in touch on [email protected]  or 09 377 4322