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Auckland City Mission to host 2,000 Aucklanders at New Zealand’s largest Christmas lunch

Auckland City Mission to host 2,000 Aucklanders at New Zealand’s largest Christmas lunch

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 22nd December 2016 
  • The Auckland City Mission’s annual community Christmas lunch will take place on Sunday, 25 December 2016, at the Viaduct Events Centre on the Waterfront
  • 2,000 guests are expected to attend
  • Doors open at 11.30am
  • On the menu: 300kg of ham, 2000 chicken drumsticks and 300kg of potatoes

The Auckland City Mission is busy finalising preparations for New Zealand’s largest Christmas Lunch. The iconic Auckland event will be held this Sunday, December 25th, at the Viaduct Events Centre.

Auckland City Missioner, Chris Farrelly, says it takes several months of planning by Mission staff, hundreds of hours contributed by volunteers, and an incredible display of generosity from the wider community in order to make the day possible.

“This is my first Christmas at the Mission and I am looking forward to spending the day surrounded by guests, staff and volunteers, sharing a meal and enjoying each-others’ company,” he says.

“This Lunch promises to be a memorable culmination for what has been an incredibly memorable year, not just in terms of the level of need we have witnessed, but also in terms of the support we have received and the difference that we, as a community, have made for those around us who are struggling.”

This year, the Christmas lunch menu includes the preparation of 2,000 chicken drumsticks and 300kg of ham, as well as the cooking of an assortment of vegetables (540kg). For dessert, there will be bucket-loads of jelly to be made to go with the mountains of ice-cream bars and other festive fare.

For the Christmas Day lunch, an estimated 550 volunteers will contribute about 2,200 hours to decorate the venue, wrap presents, prepare and cook the lunch, serve meals, and clean up afterwards.

Since the beginning of December, the Mission has been distributing emergency food parcels to up to 350 families in desperate need every weekday. At least 7,000 gifts have been distributed to these families, in the hope that every child has a present to open on Christmas Day. The Mission has also provided gifts to other Auckland community groups to distribute to the families they work with.

“Christmas is always the Mission’s busiest time of year,” says Mr Farrelly. “Families who are able to get by on limited incomes most of the year often find Christmas and surrounding issues push them over the financial edge. We would like to take this opportunity to remind people that it is not too late to donate funds towards the Mission’s work – both now and into 2017.”

The doors to the Christmas lunch open at 11.30am on Christmas Day.  Entertainment will be provided until lunch is served at 12.30pm. Every guest will also receive a gift before heading home.


For more information, please contact:

Alexis Sawyers, Team Leader – Fundraising

DDI:303 9780

Mobile:021 120 5989


Event run sheet

Friday, 23 December 2016

8am                             Viaduct Events Centre

                                    Pack in begins 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

8am                             Viaduct Events Centre

8am                              Dessert kitchen volunteers arrive

Meat/vegetables kitchen volunteers arrive

10am                            Extra kitchen/clean-up volunteers arrive

10:30am                       Preparation of all food completed and finalised by 12 noon 

Sunday, 25 December 2016

6am – 2.30pm            Viaduct Events Centre

6am                              Cooking begins

7am                              Tables and venue decorated by volunteers and members of the

Mission team

10:30am                       Remaining volunteers arrive11.30am

11.30 – 12.30pm         Doors open


12.30pm                      Grace by Bishop Jim White of the Anglican

Diocese of Auckland

Christmas lunch served

1‐1:15pm                     First course completed

1‐1:15pm                     Dessert served

1.30pm                        Santa Claus arrives

Presents distributed

Cake handed out 


Main course

Chicken drumsticks:                 2,000

Ham:                                        300kg

Gourmet potatoes:                   300kg

Roast kumara:                          240kg

Salad – mesclun lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber


Ice-cream:                                380 litres

Fruit:                                        100 litres

Jelly:                                        150 litres

Christmas cake                        2500 slices 


Table cloths:                            200

Balloons:                                  600

Presents on the day:                2500 


Lollies:                                     2000 bags

Chocolate:                               2500 bars

Drinks:                                     4500 bottles


The City Mission has a number of key volunteers who are available for interviews. To interview any of these volunteers, please call Alexis Sawyers on 021 120 5989.