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Auction of Promises


An ‘Auction of Promises’ is a fantastic way of raising money to support the Mission!

Ask for ʻpromisesʼ from individuals and associated companies – and auction each ‘promise’ off! Everyone can get involved because every promise donated, no matter how small, can be sold with fervor by your ‘Auctioneer’. You could bake a cake, offer to walk someoneʼs dog, help with gardening or maybe even promise to be a ‘Slave for a Day!’ To fundraise a little more, you might even wish to think about charging a small auction entry fee!


  1. Select a date and a time for the auction to take place.
  2. Choose someone with a good sense of humour to be your ‘auctioneer’ for the day. The auctioneer’s role will be to call out the item, conduct a brief description of it and what it’s worth, then start the bidding. You will need several volunteers to collect the successful bidders’ details and money.
  3. Secure promises to auction. Make sure you have all your ‘promises’ well in advance of the event. For all donors, make sure they fill out a form which records the promiser’s name, phone number and email address. For example: ‘I am donating the promise of…’ with room for a description of the ‘promise’, how much it’s worth and any conditions.
  4. A week before the event, publish a numbered list of promises. You could publish this list online, make a poster or send out an email. For some of the more unusual promises, label them as ‘lucky dip’ promises and save them as a surprise to be revealed at the auction.
  5. Before the night, let the auctioneer examine the list so they are familiar with the promises, and can decide on how best to market them!
  6. Create a personalised fundraising page here! You can then share the link with your friends, family and colleagues. Every donation is recorded on your page with a message of support from your donors.

Need help? Call Sophie on 09 303 9261 or email her at [email protected]