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Regular Giving

Regular Giving and Recurring Donations

By signing up as a regular donor, you can help to ensure that the Mission has a steady source of income in order to provide services and support to those in our community who need it most.

Knowing we can count on a constant, regular source of income helps us budget – and it also makes giving easier for you!

Once you’re set up, we’ll make sure you receive an annual receipt so that you can claim your tax rebate.

Regular Credit Card Donations

You can sign up to make regular credit card donations through our secure donation website.

Simply choose the amount you would like to give, then select ‘monthly gift’ from the drop down options.

Direct Debits

You can set up regular direct debit to the Auckland City Mission by downloading our direct debit authorisation form. Simply complete and sign the form then send it back to us at:

Auckland City Mission, Freepost 1129, PO Box 5352, Wellesley Street, Auckland, 1141.

Automatic Payments

You can set up an Automatic Payment online via internet banking, or download an Automatic Payment authorisation form to take to your bank (A/P Page 1, A/P Page 2).

In setting up an automatic payment, please include the following information in the reference fields:

If you’re a new donor, or do not know your Donor ID number, please email the Fundraising Team so that we can provide you with the appropriate referencing information. This will help to ensure that we attribute your donation to you.

Payroll Giving:

Payroll Giving allows you to make donations direct from your pay, applying the tax credit immediately. If you would like to donate directly from your pay, there are a few easy steps to follow:

  1. Check with your employer. This is a voluntary scheme on their part as well as yours and they need to agree. (Note: payroll giving is only an option for employers who file their EMS (IR347) and EDF (IR345) forms electronically.)
  2. Tell your employer that you’d like to set up a regular donation to the Auckland City Mission. Let them know how much and how often and whether you’d like to receive information from the Mission or not. If you don’t give them permission, your donation will be passed on anonymously.
  3. Your employer will then deduct the donation, calculate and apply the tax credit, complete the IRD requirements and forward your donation to the Mission.
  4. As your tax credit is applied immediately, receipts for donations are issued directly to your employer for them to file – you will not receive a tax receipt.
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