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Penrose business delivering fresh, healthy produce to Aucklanders in desperate need

Penrose business delivering fresh, healthy produce to Aucklanders in desperate need

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14th September 2016



Penrose-based social enterprise Ooooby has been providing fresh, local produce to the Auckland City Mission since its inception in 2010.

 Ooooby, which stands for “Out of our own backyards,” delivers boxes of locally-grown, fresh produce to its customers on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Once the pre-ordered boxes have been delivered, any surplus items are carefully packaged and brought into the Auckland City Mission for the organisation to distribute to families in desperate need.

“We really look forward to having the Ooooby truck arrive each week, because it means we’re able to offer a variety of healthy, fresh fruit and veggies to people in crises,” says Auckland City Missioner, Chris Farrelly.

Mr Farrelly points out that low-income families often struggle to access a wide variety of fresh produce, with the cost of a single capsicum often rivalling a serving of chips. On average, families visiting the Mission for emergency food have $21.94 to spend per person per week on grocery items. That’s just $3.13 per person per day.

The Mission includes carrots, potatoes and onions in all of its emergency food parcels, but weekly donations of fresh produce from individuals and organisations like Ooooby allow for added variety and improved nutritional value.

“We are stoked we can help reduce food waste and together with our customers help out Auckland families by our donations to City Mission every week,” says Ooooby Operations Manager, Daphne Gehrels.

The need for emergency food support is higher than ever in Auckland, with the Mission distributing a record 13,714 food parcels in the year to June – its highest total ever. Most of the items packed into these food parcels are donated by schools, businesses, community groups and individuals; a fact which, Mr Farrelly says, demonstrates how generous and socially aware many Aucklanders are.

“Without the kindness and generosity of individual Aucklanders, school students, community groups and businesses like Ooooby, the Mission would simply not be able to support those in our community who are struggling to put food on the table for their families.”