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Sit and Knit

Sit and Knit

May 25, 2016 Posted in Uncategorised by Auckland City Mission


Keep up your end of the stick. There are many who are working almost night and day for the comfort of our boys, but again there are many who have spare time, doing very little. Not knowing how to knit is no excuse. Anyone could learn with a few simple instructions…

The First World War saw the country swept up by fundraising campaigns in support of New Zealand’s allies and soldiers. Knitting bees were held to make socks, mittens and body-belts by the thousand.

Get your needles clicking and join Sarah from Sew Love to put together a peggy-square blanket to be donated to Auckland City Mission.

Sit & Knit blanket square

Needles: 5mm
Yarn: 8ply or DK (double knit)
Step 1. Cast on 30 stitches
Step 2. Knit every row for 50 rows, or until you have enough to make a square
Step 3. Cast off 30 stitches

What to do with your peggy squares

Bring your peggy squares into the Museum on or before Saturday 18 June or post them to:

Sit & Knit
Auckland Museum
Private Bag 92018
Victoria Street West
Auckland, 1142