Standing with
in Desperate need

Te Whare Manaaki Wāhine

Te Whare Manaaki Wāhine

This past winter, the Mission ran a temporary, 10-bed night shelter, providing some of Auckland’s homeless women with a warm, safe place to sleep. The shelter was named Te Whare Manaaki Wāhine, which means ‘house of hospitality for women’. On a night-by-night basis it provided food, a warm bed, a shower, laundry facilities, and support services where appropriate including referral to emergency accommodation, health and addiction services etc.

Providing a temporary shelter for inner city homeless women over winter is a way to address immediate basic needs e.g. food and shelter and also an opportunity to provide assessment for further response to complex needs.

The women’s shelter is a really good idea. Last year I was so cold all winter, even though I had a good sleeping bag. Sleeping outside in all kinds of weather is hard on the body and soul.

The Mission along with our partners is committed to finding the best ways to respond to emergency needs as well as looking for long-term appropriate solutions for incredibly vulnerable people.

The shelter was open from 01 July 2018 until 30 September 2018. For more information about the shelter please call the Mission on 09 303 9200.