Christmas 2022

Real change can start with just one meal this Christmas Day

Christmas is almost upon us and once again at Auckland City Mission – Te Tāpui Atawhai, we are expecting it to be a challenging time for many people across our city. While some in the city are fortunate enough to begin planning festive feasts and buying gifts for loved ones, there is an increasing number of Aucklanders who will need our support. Thanks to your generosity the team will be ready to bring Christmas magic to thousands of Aucklanders once more.

If you need support from the Mission this Christmas, you can find out more about our services here.

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Monetary Donations

This Christmas the Mission expects to provide about 10,000 parcels of food and tens of thousands of presents to people needing support. If you are in a position to do so, a monetary donation is extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. Your compassion and generosity make a real difference to Aucklanders in great need.

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How can I help?

Food Donations

The Mission team is so grateful for all donations of food for us to help families in need. Whilst we can't take one-off donations of cooked or perishable foods we welcome non-perishable items and toiletries. You can drop donations off at our depot, or buy items online and send to our depot. We have a handy guide with tips on what's most useful for us below.

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How can I help?

Gift Donations

Last year, thanks to the support of people like you, the Mission gave out over 36,000 gifts to tamariki who would otherwise have gone without. In 2022, we are encouraging people to buy presents online and have them sent to our depot. We also accept gifts dropped off to our depot at 15 Auburn Street, Grafton until Saturday 17 December or you can drop off donations of Christmas gifts and food to your local Auckland Council library, leisure centre or service centre between Monday 14 November to Friday 8 December. Here's a handy guide, with three simple ways to organise an Auckland's Angels gift collection.

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How can I help?


Although the Mission won’t require as many Christmas volunteers as we had prior to COVID-19, we are still looking for volunteers to help. Click on the button below to register your interest, for current volunteer positions.

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Becky's Story

“My kids have never had a big birthday or Christmas – it’s thanks to the Mission that I can put gifts for my moko under the tree and a meal on the table when Christmas rolls around.”

Becky’s first visit to the Mission was over twenty years ago. Her son was born almost four months prematurely and required extensive medical treatment. The cost of travelling to and from her home north of Auckland to Greenlane Hospital every day left little money for anything else.

“I was completely lost. I went to Auckland City Mission and collapsed and cried and didn’t know what to do. I was nervous to ask for help, but there was not one judgement, and they were able to support me in so many ways.”

Since then, the Mission has been there for Becky in her and her family’s times of need – including at Christmas.

“My kids have never had a big birthday or Christmas – it’s thanks to the Mission that I can put gifts for my moko under the tree and a meal on the table when Christmas rolls around.”

Christmas is always busy for Becky, in fact hers is a constantly full household with a mix of children and grandchildren living at home – nine people in all. Having had a difficult upbringing herself, she focuses on providing as best she can for her family.

Becky says that before seeking the Mission’s support, she had resorted to thieving just to feed her family – something she wouldn’t dream of now.

Eight years ago, life took a turn for the worse when her husband of more than thirty years became terminally ill, with a lung condition exacerbated by his work with bitumen and fertiliser. Her husband’s illness prevents him from working and Becky from working full-time so that she can care for him, their children and grandchildren. She works one day a week for a local business and has a market stall on the weekend, but that’s all her situation allows.

Now, with the increased cost of living, money is tighter than ever. She is often faced with difficult choices about the basics – whether she can afford the petrol to take her family where they need to be or pay the power bill. She often makes meatloaf with rolled oats mixed in to bulk it up and make the meal last longer. Despite careful budgeting by the end of the week, there’s often no bread and no milk – in those times, the Mission is never far away.

The stress of supporting her family through their challenges takes its toll. Recently the Mission supported Becky with a referral to counselling services. She says that has been helping a lot.

“I wasn’t sleeping. My eyes were bloodshot all the time. I was tossing and turning about what was going to happen next. I feel a lot brighter now. It took me a long time, I had to hear from others, that I don’t always have to hold the world up for others. But I don’t want anything to slip, not on my shift.”

One day, she would love to be able to give her children and grandchildren a big Christmas, but the reality is that this year the Mission and its food and gift service is their only option.

“To me, the Mission is a big capital Everything. Right from emotional stability, to making me feel like I’m needed – you go there [to the Auckland City Mission] for help, and leave feeling better. Like you have a reason to carry on. Clothes, blankets, travel, Christmas presents, even a hug that says it’s going to be okay.”


Because everyone deserves a Christmas Day

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