Standing with
in desperate need

What We Do

Our services include:

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Whether it’s a specific issue that has led someone to the Mission, the effects of the continuing poverty cycle, or a culmination of many problems, Mission staff and volunteers are here to help.

On arrival at the Mission, an Assessment Professional will talk through a person’s situation in-depth in an effort to really understand the issues that have led them to us.

Staff then offer immediate practical assistance (such as food or warm clothing) where required, provide advice, make referrals to other services and develop a plan to help resolve deeper issues.

When someone comes to us for help, we ask two key questions:
  1. What are this person or family’s immediate needs (eg: food, emergency accommodation, warm clothing)?
  2. What can be changed to positively improve their chances for the future?

The Homeless Services team, medical staff at the Calder Health Centre and the Alcohol & Other Drug Professionals at the Social Detoxification Service work with the Crisis Care & Community Services team to help ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Working in Partnership

Auckland City Mission staff work closely with many different organisations throughout the wider Auckland region.

Effective communication and strong relationships across agencies provides better outcomes for struggling individuals and families. This also helps to ensure that people receive the full support available to them and helps to minimise service duplication. Inter-agency communication also guides future service and policy development.

Visit our Strategic Partnerships page to find out more.