Our health services

We believe everyone has a right to have good healthcare and medical support. That’s exactly what our Calder Health Centre does for people needing to see a doctor,  podiatrist, or nurse.

Our healthcare support extends beyond that too. We are one of the few primary health practices in New Zealand fully integrated with social services, which supports the care of our very high needs population, many of whom have complex healthcare needs including histories of trauma, sexual and domestic violence, mental health, addiction and challenging behaviours.

Our key healthcare services

Calder Health Centre

The Calder Health Centre is named after the first City Missioner, Jasper Calder, and is a Very Low Cost Access (VLCA) health care service within the Auckland City Mission.

All of our health specialists can give professional medical help to:

  • people who find themselves homeless
  • families and individuals in crisis
  • clients with mental health issues
  • people with alcohol and other drug addictions.

Many of the people we see at the Calder Health Centre can’t access healthcare anywhere else because they don’t have a home address. And some have trust and cultural differences that make accessing healthcare hard for them. Either way, we do our very best to make sure everyone receives a high standard of healthcare.

Beyond this, our services can include access to:

  • social workers
  • mental health nurses
  • the Ministry of Social Development (MSD)
  • housing options
  • addiction services
  • food parcels.

If a person can’t pay at the time, we can offer payment plans that work for them.

Contact us

140 Hobson Street

09 303 9266

Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm

Harm Reduction and Drug Checking Clinic

Auckland City Mission – Te Tāpui Atawhai now offers a twice-monthly Harm Reduction and Drug Checking clinic at HomeGround. 

Each session is a safe, judgement-free and welcoming space for people to talk about drugs and drug use over a cup of tea.  It’s also for friends and whānau to learn how to best offer support.  

The clinics are held in conjunction with the New Zealand Drug Foundation, New Zealand Needle Exchange, The Level and Auckland Drug Information Outreach.      

A drug checking service will also be available as part of each clinic. Drug checking is a free, legal and confidential service that checks a person’s drugs to see what’s in them. It has been known to save lives and help people understand what’s in the substance they are taking, so is a welcome addition to the services offered at HomeGround.  

The clinics are an important step in the Mission’s work as we strive to help people stay safe and healthy. The clinic is an evidence-based intervention to reduce drug related harm. 

Contact Information

The Hub @ HomeGround, 140 Hobson Street

First and third Wednesday of every month, 9am until 12pm.

Addiction withdrawal service (Detox)

Addiction is tough. But it’s not impossible to cure. Thanks to our Detox team and professional Alcohol & Drug Community Workers, we have the experience and expertise to help people withdraw safely from substances. This is done in a monitored, supervised, and managed environment.

First things first

Before Detox, we can help with issues that help with recovery support like:

  • treatment options
  • budgeting advice
  • emergency food and clothing
  • providing a warm bed.

Next, we step through the Detox journey by talking with the client, their treatment facility, and various support groups.

All of this is done with encouragement, support and patience.

Our staff and volunteers provide a 24-hour warm, safe environment for people who want to change and have a chance to turn their lives around for up to 10 people at a time.

Our support doesn’t end there. We can keep supporting individuals well into the future.

To speak with an Alcohol & Drug Community Worker, phone 09 303 3016 , Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm, or email us.





Contact us

09 303 3016

[email protected]

Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm

Better mental health

Lots of people who come to us have experienced trauma at some point in their lives. This can have long term impacts on their mental health, and significantly affect everyday tasks and relationships.

We have two full-time mental health nurses who can help with assessments and short-term support and strategies  for things like:

  • managing anxiety
  • help with feeling depressed
  • crisis management
  • getting help and support from other professionals.

More information about our mental health services is available here

Where to get help?

If you need help with your health, please visit this page.

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