About us

For more than 100 years, we’ve stood with Aucklanders who need us most. As Auckland’s social needs and issues have evolved, so have we.

Since our doors first opened, the Mission has been supporting Aucklanders in need with services and support. The types of support have changed over the years, but our determination to help others has never wavered.

Today, people come to the Mission for many different reasons – some are rough sleepers or people living in cars and inappropriate housing. Others are battling addictions, living with mental health issues, or struggling to feed their families.

Some people access the Mission’s services to help them through a short and difficult time in their life. Others need a sustained and long-term plan for support. We offer support for however long and in whatever way needed.

Aucklanders helping Aucklanders, we couldn’t do what we do without the whole community.


In the last year, generous

people like you have

helped Aucklanders in need...


food parcels distributed to families & individuals in greatest need*


health consultations at Calder Health Centre*


drug and alcohol