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About Auckland City Mission

Auckland City Mission was established in 1920 by Reverend Jasper Calder. Under Reverend Calder’s leadership, the Mission quickly grew to become one of Auckland’s most influential social service providers – and today, it still is.

The services we offer have developed over time to reflect social changes, but our purpose remains to help people in desperate need. No two clients’ stories are the same and the people who come to the Mission for help come for many different reasons; some are isolated elderly, others are rough sleepers or people living in cars and inappropriate housing. Others are battling addictions, living with mental health issues, or struggling to feed their families over a period of unexpected crisis.

  • 100 Years

    This year, we begin our centenary commemorations and look back on the past 100 years at the Mission.

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  • history

    The Mission was established in 1920 by the Reverend Jasper Calder and remains one of the most significant providers of charitable aid in Auckland.



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  • people

    Auckland City Mission is a Registered Charitable Trust which operates with a voluntary Board of Trustees and a professional management structure.




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  • board of trustees

    The Auckland City Mission works with a wonderful Board of volunteer trustees who meet once a month to provide valuable governance and support.

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  • financial statements

    The Mission is a charitable organisation registered under the Charitable Trust Act 1957 and the Charities Act 2005, registration number CC22938.

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  • visions and values

    Over the next five years our Vision is to have measurably improved our clients’ well-being and health, and contributed to sustained social change.

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  • Vacancies

    Mission staff provide professional services to marginalised Aucklanders, including the homeless, elderly, families and individuals in crises.

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There is a section of every population that falls through the cracks at the bottom. They aren’t bad, they aren’t especially dumb, though usually they’re ill-educated, and not prepared for life by training in any skill or trade. They just cannot cope with life as others can…