Together we stand with those in greatest need.

Aucklanders helping Aucklanders. That’s what we do.

Every day at the Mission, we respond to poverty and great need in our city. People come to us when they need access to permanent and sustained housing, enough nutritious food to eat, and when their physical and mental health is compromised.

Some people access the Mission’s services to help them through a short and difficult time in their life. Others need a sustained and long-term plan for support. We offer support for however long and in whatever way needed – for some people that’s simply accessing one of our many services, for others that’s a complex journey with our full support.

Our services have evolved as the city’s social needs have done. We respond to these needs with care and compassion while advocating for a reality where there are enough suitable homes, enough money for nutritious food and easily accessible health care for all. Since our doors opened more than 100 years ago, this has been our ‘why’.

Together we must, together we can, together we will.

About the Auckland City Mission

  • 50,647 food parcels distributed to families & individuals in greatest need*
  • 200 people welcomed into permanent homes*
  • 20,174 consultations at Calder Health Centre*
  • 474 people cared for in our residential Social Detox Service*
  • 75,223 hot meals served in our community dining room, Haeata*

January 2023 - December 2023 *these figures have not yet been audited

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food parcels distributed to families & individuals in greatest need*


health consultations at Calder Health Centre*


drug and alcohol