Auckland City Mission works collaboratively with a number of researchers delving into issues affecting the homeless and people living in poverty. Links to these and other useful resources can be found below.

Whakarongo ki te kōrero whānau katoa o te rangatiratanga

Listening to the hopes and dreams of our people

Authors: The Mission acknowledges with deep gratitude the participants of the ‘Listening to the hopes and dreams of our people’ research. A special thank you to Dr Kelsey Deane who supported the team of Mission employees who did this research project under the leadership of Alice Nicholls. We also acknowledge and thank Dr Allen Bartlet for his ongoing supervisory support.

Warm thanks to Mission staff members Caitlin Neuwelt-Kearns, Ra Pope, Desiree Lowe, Tracy Goddard, Amanda Hashman, Jeanette Mathers, Alarna Asher, Micaela Van Der Schaaf, and Helen Robinson.
Published: 2020

Download the report [PDF, 779KB]

Shining the light on food insecurity in Aotearoa

With special thanks for supporting this research to the University of Auckland, Ngā Whare Waatea Marae in Mangere (MUMA), Papakura Marae, St Luke’s Anglican Parish in Manurewa, Te Whare Awhina O Tamworth and its partner Randwick Park Community Centre – and to every person who willingly shared their story so that together we can better respond to food insecurity in Aotearoa.
Published: 2019

Download the report [PDF, 444KB]

An insight into the experience of rough sleeping in central Auckland

Authors: Sophia Beaton, Trudie Cain (Auckland Council), Helen Robinson (Auckland City Mission), Victoria Hearn (Lifewise) and ThinkPlace
Published: 2015

Download the report [PDF, 291KB]

Speaking for Ourselves: The truth about what keeps people in poverty from those who live it – a summary report from the Auckland City Mission Family 100 Research Project

Authors: Emily Garden, Angela Caldin, Diane Robertson, Julie Timmins, Tom Wilson and Tim Wood
Published: 2014

Download the report [PDF, 5MB]

Demonstrating the Complexities of Being Poor – An Empathy Tool

Authors: ThinkPlace in collaboration with Auckland City Mission
Published: 2014

Download the report [PDF, 444KB]

Looking within and beyond the community: Lessons learned by researching, theorising and acting to address urban poverty and health

Authors: Hodgetts, Darrin, Chamberlain, Kerry, Tankel, Yardena, Groot, Shiloh
Parent Document: Journal of Health Psychology
Published 2014

Download the report [PDF, 700KB]

Urban Poverty, Structural Violence and Welfare Provision for 100 Families in Auckland

Authors: Darrin Hodgetts, Kerry Chamberlain, Yardena Tankel and Shiloh Groot
Parent Document: Urban Studies
Published 2014

Download the report [PDF, 151KB]

Researching poverty to make a difference: The need for reciprocity and advocacy in community research

Authors: Hodgetts, Darrin, Chamberlain, Kerry, Tankel, Yardena, Groot, Shiloh
Parent Document: The Australian Community Psychologist
Published 2013

Download the report [PDF, 130KB]

Tōku tūrangawaewae: Culture, identity, and belonging for Māori homeless people

Authors: Groot, Shiloh, Hodgetts, Darrin, Nikora, Linda w, Rua, Mohi
Parent Document: Traditional Knowledge [Conference: Kei muri te awa kapuara he tangata ke. Recognising Engag.]
Published 2010

View the article

The mobile hermit and the city: Considering links between places, objects and identities in social psychological research on homelessness

Authors: Hodgetts, Darrin J, Stolte, Ottilie, Chamberlain, Kerry, Radley, Alan, Groot, Shiloh, Nikora, Linda W.
Parent Document: The British Journal of Social Psychology
Published 2010

View the article

New Zealand Definition of Homelessness

Author: Statistics New Zealand.
Published 2015

Download the report [PDF, 421KB]

From means to occasion: walking in the life of homeless people

Authors: Hodgetts, Darrin
Parent Document: The Australian Psychological Society: Homelessness Roundtable
Category: Conference Oral Presentation
Published 2009

View the article

Homelessness in Aotearoa: Issues and Recommendations

Authors: Richards, Steve, Pahau, Iris
Published 2008

Download the report [PDF, 422KB]

MANA WAHINE: Building an understanding of women’s experience of homelessness in the Auckland City Centre

Commissioned by Te Miringa Trust, produced by Lifewise
Published 2018

Download the report [PDF, 2MB]

Our 2018 Food Insecurity Study found


cost of living exceeds income


unsatisfactory employment situation


challenging wider whānau circumstances




institutional barriers

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