Standing with
in desperate need

Free Medical and Dental Clinic: Dr. Barraclough handled 5, 696 patients for year ending March 31st 1932.

Hon. Medical Officer Dr. Barraclough

Hon. Dentist Mr R.C. Steele

A Vice Regal Visit: Their Excellencies expressed profound admiration for the Auckland City Mission

Doss House Dormitory: What! Sheets! Yes, and pillow slips! It is the only way to ensure that cleanliness is so essential in big institutions. Special groups of men are told to make beds, change sheets, sweep out, etc.

The Mission Van: This fine delivery van was built by our Men’s Guild in our own Workshops. It is used mainly for collecting your old clothes, boots, furniture, etc. Won’t you ring 43-045 or 46-056 and get our driver to call?

A Good Team: The Men’s Guild are always happy when they are making toys for crippled children, cutting firewood, or repairing furniture for some distressed family.

The Deaconess. Sister Pat

The Mission Building: Our Headquarters, 43 Wellesley Street, Auckland

A Full Ship:  This Island Outrigger Canoe provides lots of fun during the holidays.

Supper Time: House Full. Usually the Night Shelter was so crowded, that the inmates had to partake of a stand-up supper. 102,080 Meals were given FREE last year (1st April to 15th November).

Roll Call:  Over 150 youngsters from the sunless ares of the city are given two week’s holiday in our camp at Christmas time.  Good food, fresh air, boating, swimming, picnics, and games ensure a happy time.

Rev.  Jasper Calder

Legs and Shadows:  Many a pale-faced nipper goes home bronzed and healthy after the sunshine of glorious Oneroa.  The Camp House was built by the Men’s Guild.

Twice a Day:  Several of the smaller children have their first dip in the briny at the Mission camp.

Doss House Kitchen:  The cook and his helpers have a go hard to turn out over 300 meals twice a day.

A “Big Sister”:  The Mission always welcomes “Big Sisters” who will help our huge army of needy people by sewing garments, making bed rugs, altering or mending left-off clothing.  Mrs. T.W. Wood is here seen with some of her work.  We are in urgent need of material for making clothes.

The Doss House:  Situated in Lower Hobson street, this big building is handy for all.  It can sleep over 200 men per night.  We are hoping that the Shelter will not be required this Winter.