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Auckland City Mission People

Auckland City Mission is a Registered Charitable Trust which operates with a voluntary Board of Trustees and a professional management structure.

(Note: the Auckland City Mission Foundation is a distinct and separate entity. For more information please see the Auckland City Mission Foundation website.)

Auckland City Mission Board

The Auckland City Mission Board provides governance and strategic guidance. Read more about the individuals who make up the Board of Trustees.

Auckland City Mission Staff and Management

As of February 2016, Auckland City Mission employed:

In addition, the Mission worked with 4,163 volunteers in the year ending June 2017, who together offered a total of 25,022 volunteer hours.

The Mission has a client-focused approach, generating a flat management structure, with separate Team Leaders for each service stream.

Chris Farrelly: CEO/Auckland City Missioner

Roger King: GM – Corporate Services

Helen Robinson: GM – Social Services

Krish Damodara: Finance, Asset & ICT Manager

Martin Hill: Manager People and Culture

Jacqui Dillon: Services Development Manager

Team Leaders

Kirsten Nalder: Calder Health Centre

Tracy Goddard: Distribution and Retail

Wilf Holt: Homeless Community Services

Ilana James: Homeless Outreach & Support Services

Irene Rama: Social Detoxification

Moana TeWao: Crisis Care & Community Services

Tess Shaw: Fundraising & Reputation (Acting)