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Meet HomeGround – our biggest project yet

A mission for the 21st Century

For over 100 years, Auckland City Mission has been at the forefront of shaping lives for the better. Today, we’re preparing for the most exciting mission in our history – “HomeGround”. To be completed in 2020, it’s unlike anything else seen before in New Zealand; a purpose-built, safe space to stand against homelessness, hunger and poor health.


A home for hopeHomeGround

Offering pragmatic, hands-on services and support to help those who need it most, the 21st century Auckland City Mission will offer a powerful new way of solving age-old problems. We’re completely transforming our current site into a purpose-built housing and social services facility – expanding our services, and helping those who really need it most.


A passion for potential

While our new home will be the hub of Auckland City Mission, it will also house 80 apartments to provide safe, permanent shelter. It’s a place where we can continue to support, share and connect with those who need it most. A place where low-cost medical treatment is offered (including visits to the dentist). And a place where our new commercial kitchen will prepare wholesome meals in our community centre and teach basic cooking skills.

A destination for discovery

The Auckland City Mission development is a New Zealand first – but we’re using an internationally proven model of care to strengthen individuals, families and our community – especially for homeless and other vulnerable people. This includes a healthcare centre, state of the art detox facilities, and a powerful, pragmatic activity program, covering everything from art and carving workshops, to conference and social enterprise opportunities.


“A community can flourish only when its most vulnerable are treated with compassion and dignity, and when effective methods and resources are applied to restore their mental and physical wellbeing. This is the purpose of HomeGround. We trust all Aucklanders will help us realise this vision.” —Chris Farrelly, Auckland City Missioner


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