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Food Parcels

Food Parcels

In 2020, the Mission provided 45,000 food parcels to Auckland-based individuals and families in desperate need .

These food parcels come in two sizes and are designed to provide 3 meals a day for 4 days, either for an individual or for a family of 4. This helps to ensure that struggling Aucklanders have access to a nutritionally-balanced food supply during a period of crisis.

Auckland City Mission food parcels are comprised largely of donated food items, though we must also purchase core items when there are gaps. Donations of food both large and small are greatly appreciated.

Donating food

The  Mission no longer accepts one-off donations of cooked, perishable foods.

However, we do remain heavily reliant on donations including:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables – for food parcels.
  • Non-perishable food items such as canned fish, canned vegetables (green beans, corn, tomatoes), canned fruit, spreads (marmite, peanut butter), rice, pasta.

Please bring food donations to our Distribution Centre at 15 Auburn St, Grafton which is open 8am-3pm Monday-Saturday.  (Please note the site is closed on Monday 10th May 2021 due to unforeseen circumstances.)

Alternatively, if your donation is large or you are unable to deliver it to us, please ring our Distribution team on 09 377 4322, or email Distribution, to organise for a driver to come collect from you.

What goes into a food parcel?

Every Auckland City Mission food parcel contains the same core items, in order to ensure that the recipient has the ingredients necessary to create simple, nutritionally-balanced meals. Along with these items, food parcels might also include a few extra things, depending on what has recently been donated. Below is a list of the items that go into every family-size food parcel.

Family food parcel – core items:

2 x Cans of Baked Beans 420g
2 x Cans Spaghetti 420g
2 x Cans Tomatoes 400g
2 x Canned Vegetables 400g
2 x Canned Soup 420g
3 x Canned Fruit 410g
2 x Canned Meat 160g
2 x Canned Fish 160g
1 x Sauce/cream rice/etc
1 x Jam/Peanut Butter/ Honey/etc
1 x Flour 500g
1 x Sugar 500g
1 x Teabags 30 sachets
1 x Rice 500g
1 x Pasta 500g
1 x Cereal 375-400g
1 x Sausages/Meat 1kg
1 x Margarine 500g
1 x UHT Milk 1 litre
1-2 x Bread (loaves)
1 x Potatoes 1kg
1 x Carrots 1kg
1 x Onions 1kg
1 x Toilet Roll
1 x Soap
1 x Shampoo

Other fruit, vegetables, dairy products and toiletries are distributed if available


Auckland City Mission also provides bulk food supplies to 80 community agencies and foodbanks from Thames to Kaitaia. For more information about Foodlink, please click here.