Standing with
in desperate need

Trusts and Foundations

Thanks to the trusts and foundations who support our work

The Auckland City Mission greatly appreciates the incredible generosity of all the trusts and foundations who contribute to our work. We could not provide support to Aucklanders in desperate need without these vital contributions.

If you are a trust or foundation interested in supporting the Auckland City Mission’s work, please email the Fundraising Team, or ring Deb on 09 303 9780.

Charitable Trusts, Foundations and Legacies:

For grants and bequests received in the last financial year (1 July 2017 – 30 June 2018)

AL Titchener Family Trust, Anne Marie O’Sullivan Family Trust, Antsiss-Garland Charitable Trust, Aston Charitable Trust, Athena Trust, Auckland Council Local Board Discretionary Funding, Barney and Patsy McCahill Charitable Trust, Baxter Family Trust, Boulton Business Trust, BW & SW Picot Charitable Trust, Charles Rupert Stead Charitable Trust, Clyde Graham Charitable Trust, David and Genevieve Becroft Foundation, David Levene Foundation, DUO Trust, EM & MH Stichbury Charitable Trust, Foundation North, Frimley Foundation, HUGO Charitable Trust, Infinity Foundation, JA Redwood Charitable Trust, Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust, Kellogg’s Foundation, Leys Charitable Trust, Llanfoist Charitable Trust, Maurice Paykel Charitable Trust, Mt Wellington Foundation, New Zealand Community Trust, New Zealand Lottery Grants Board, NH Taylor Charitable Trust, NR Thomson Charitable Trust,  Pacific Charitable Trust, PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation, Roger Silson Charitable Trust, Silverseas Trust, Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate, SKYCITY Auckland Community Trust, St Lazarus Trust Board, Ted and Mollie Carr Endowment Trust, The Douglas Charitable Trust, The Selwyn Foundation, The Southern Trust, The Tindall Foundation, The Trinity Foundation, The William and Lois Manchester Trust, W & W A R Fraser Charitable Trust, West Georgia Trust, Z Energy ‘Good in the Hood’, Estate of Geoffrey Bailey, Estate of Felicia May Broadfoot, Estate of Ms Helen Buchanan, Estate of CJ Bullock, Estate of Mr W Elliot, Estate of Bruce McNiece,, Estate of Noel Renner, Estate of Gunter Warner

Thanks also to Perpetual Guardian, Philanthropy Services.