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Homeless Outreach & Support Services

Homeless OutreachOutreach

Mission staff walk the streets of Auckland several times each week, in the early hours of the morning and late in the evening, making contact with people sleeping rough.

They engage newcomers, letting them know where and how to access support, check on those known to be especially vulnerable and assist wherever they can. In addition, they collect important statistical information to advise policy and inter-agency development.

The Mission’s Homeless Outreach team discovered Fran sleeping rough in the CBD. She was initially reluctant to engage, however after multiple visits, trust was built up and Fran eventually made the decision to come into the Mission’s Drop-in Centre. The Mission was able to refer Fran to emergency accommodation and she also agreed to stay at the residential alcohol and drug detoxification centre, Elm Street. Fran is now getting the help she needs to heal the scars left by physical and emotional trauma and to create a better life for herself.


Case WorkMany of us need help making positive life changes. People who have been living on the streets need a lot of support to become healthy, deal with their issues, enjoy economic well-being and maintain stable accommodation. Often, clients are experiencing multiple complex issues and it can be very hard to work on these issues when they are simply trying to survive day-to-day.

The Mission team support people to access benefit entitlements, enroll with a doctor, sort out legal issues and find and maintain housing.

Appropriate, Affordable Housing

Homeless Staff work with the Ministry of Social Development, WINZ and other agencies to advocate for and help to facilitate appropriate accommodation options for rough sleepers and others facing homelessness. The Mission contributes directly to discussions about social housing policy development at a national level.


Auckland City Mission staff are dedicated advocates for Auckland’s most marginalised residents. Advocacy takes place daily at all levels of the Mission, directly on behalf of individuals, with service providers, with decision and policy makers at local and national level and with the public through awareness campaigns, presentations and public communications.

An insight into the experience of rough sleeping in Central Auckland

If you are homeless or are concerned about someone who is, please contact the Mission’s Homeless Outreach team by emailing [email protected], or ring 09 303 9200.