Monday 10 August 2020

In a year like no other, we’re in a winter like no other

From March to June this year the demand for food parcels increased by a staggering 175% compared to the same period last year.

The Mission’s Winter campaign will raise money to help families urgently needing support to put food on the table.  Please donate now to the Auckland City Mission.

Melina’s* Story

Melina* has coped during many difficult times in her life.   But when COVID-19 hit, she had to turn to the Mission for urgent support because the burden of the pandemic meant she couldn’t feed her family.

A survivor of domestic abuse Melina was unable to work for months as she recovered from a recurring health issue. Despite receiving the benefit and having a place to live, she found it challenging to feed her children with the money she had.

That’s when Melina came to the Mission for help.

Melina was just one of thousands of people who received emergency food parcels during the lockdown period and she makes sure nothing goes to waste.  Melina freezes what isn’t eaten straight away for meals to be eaten when money runs out.  With the cold winter months now upon us, Melina’s pleased to have nutritious food that she can quickly defrost and heat up for her family.

Melina’s children are back at school and she looks forward to finding a job soon to support herself and her family.  In the meantime, particularly through the cold winter, the Mission will be here for Melina and her children whenever they need food for wholesome, hearty meals.

Thank you for standing with us to help Aucklanders like Melina get the support she needs for her young family.

*name changed to protect client privacy.