Tuesday 18 January 2022

Inspiring triathlete Trudy Newman to run the 2022 ASB Auckland Marathon

Inspiring triathlete, ironwoman, and long-term supporter of the Auckland City Mission, Trudy Newman, will be running the 2022 ASB Auckland Marathon this Sunday, 23 January on the Auckland City Mission team.

She ran her first marathon as part of the Auckland City Mission team in 2018 and has continued to run for us ever since.

An incredibly talented athlete, Trudy will be participating in other sporting events in 2022 as she wanted to challenge herself. These include the Tauranga Half (Mt Maunganui), the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge and the Generation Homes Women’s Triathlon (Mt Maunganui).

In this Q & A, we get to know Trudy as she talks about what inspired her to get into endurance events and how she overcame challenges to train during lockdown.

  1. How long and how often do you train for?

“Depending on the event – in the past I’ve been known not to train at all … and just let my stubbornness get me through …  BUT taking on an epic year that was to be 2021/2022 I decided to enlist the help of a coach so that I could give it my all and try and stay injury free. As we get closer to the Ironman events, training ramps up, and it’s a juggle trying to devote enough time to training (which can be 5+ hours on some days) and still spending time with my family without feeling guilty.”

  1. Tell us the number of marathons you have run to date.

“Four marathons and heaps of half marathons – I love events!”

  1. Why did you choose to fundraise for the Mission?

“I’ve always been a supporter of the Mission so when the opportunity come up to combine running my first marathon and helping raise much needed funds, I jumped at it (or… ran for it!). The Mission provide a much-needed service to our community. So many people think it’s just provision of food for people, but it’s so much more than that.  Hopefully by fundraising for the Mission it also helps raise awareness of exactly how they help our community. Now more than ever.

My first marathon running for the Mission was in 2018 – and 3km out from the finish line I was thinking of what my next epic goal would be – Ironman. It’s been a long road with health issues, injuries, COVID and panic attacks in the open water – but we’re finally (hopefully) there!”

  1. Tell us how you got into running

“Born and bred in Auckland, I have always been active and into sports, willing to give anything a try. I spent a number of years as a Personal Trainer, and this eventually led me into competitive bodybuilding. I wouldn’t say I am ‘in to running’, but I love a challenge (and a medal) so endurance events tick boxes for me.

I love not just the physical challenge but the mostly the mental challenge of endurance events. I love the inspiration you get from the other athletes around you when you’re doing an event – people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, all with their own reasons for being out there, doing it.

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow, but everyone is out there giving it their all to cross their finish line. I feed off that vibe. My hope is that if my doing an event helps inspire even just one person to get active themselves, then it’s worth it.”

  1. How was training for you during lockdown?

“I am not going to lie – training during lockdown was tough – mentally. Wondering whether it was all worth it – or a waste of time. I had several weeks of forced rest due to a health issue – but continued with the mindset that if events end up getting cancelled, I still have the health benefits from the training.

Most of my training was done in the garage on the treadmill or Zwift (indoor running & cycling training app) until restrictions changed and allowed further travel from home.

I did not do any swim training in lockdown, as even when we were allowed to swim at the beach, my fear of open water continued to put me off.”

Thank you Trudy for being part of the Auckland City Mission team and we wish you the best of luck  for all of your sporting events in 2022!