Monday 30 May 2022

Kelly’s story – finding her feet in Auckland

Kelly and her children had been living in the East Cape with her Mum who was unwell so that Kelly could care for her.  Very sadly her Mum passed away last year.  With no other option, when Kelly was offered emergency housing by Kainga Ora in Auckland she bravely relocated her whānau to avoid becoming homeless.

With no family or friends in Auckland, Kelly was alone without support.

After arriving in Auckland, Kelly heard about the Mission and knew she could count on our support at such a challenging time.  She got in touch with our Food Security team who quickly helped her and her children with food. The team also organised clothing for the children as Kelly did not have the means to buy items they needed.

With your support, each winter the Mission helps distribute food to fed thousands of hungry bellies. Please consider donating so that families like Kelly’s can access enough good quality food to make sure they and their children aren’t left hungry as the days get colder.

Kelly says “I found solace in the Auckland City Mission. Not only food was given when hungry, or clothes given when it was cold or the children grew, the warmth, kindness, and right direction by the staff at Auckland City Mission that undoubtedly has helped us a great deal. I am forever grateful.”

Through phone consultations and during brief visits to pick up food Kelly connected with many Mission staff and they soon became a source of strength and support when she needed it the most. The team were encouraged with Kelly’s optimism and motivation to improve life for her young whānau.

In one conversation with Kelly told one our team how she wanted to find a job.  They connected Kelly with an agency that supports people in challenging circumstances seeking employment and as soon as her children were settled in school and day care, Kelly began to look for a job.

Kelly has now secured a permanent part-time job and has now turned her focus to get out of emergency accommodation so her children can have a stable home.

Kelly still visits the Mission occasionally when weekly costs mean she needs some extra support with food but is confident that she won’t need our food support in the long-term.   She is already well on her way to finding her feet in Auckland.

You can help support others like Kelly by donating to the Mission’s Winter Appeal.  Funds raised will go towards making sure food parcels are packed with nutritious ingredients to help keep bellies full this winter. Donate today.

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