Thursday 13 April 2023

Meet the Marvellous Margaret

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our very faithful supporters, Margaret.

For more years than anyone can recall, Margaret has been phoning us every month, like clockwork, to donate money.

Margaret is a pensioner and chooses to live a frugal life so she can donate to the Mission and other charities.

“Phoning the Mission to donate is the highlight of my month. It brightens my day to chat with the staff and to know I can make a difference,” she says.

“I can’t take the money with me so I’d rather give it to people who can use it to do good, for everyone’s sakes.

“I visited HomeGround last year and saw for myself the housing for people in the city who have been homeless. I thought it was just wonderful.

“The Mission helps people to build their courage and believe in themselves, to have better lives.”

Margaret is 95 and has lived a very active life. Incredibly, she celebrated her 90th birthday with a parachute jump.

Unfortunately, she has sustained a neck injury which is limiting her mobility. Her greatest wish is to heal in time to jump out of a plane again – this time for her 96th birthday.

Thank you, Margaret, for your generosity, compassion and friendship. We hope you can make your second parachute jump!


In the last year, generous

people like you have

helped Aucklanders in need...


food parcels distributed to families & individuals in greatest need*


health consultations at Calder Health Centre*


drug and alcohol