Nourish a little normal

A holistic approach to wellness

Good health is about more than medical treatment. Just as important for living well is having a safe place to call home, enough kai, meaningful social connections and a sense of purpose. The gift of our integrated health and social services at the Mission means we can take a holistic approach to supporting wellbeing. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing stories that demonstrate the relationship between health, food and housing and the interconnectedness of the services we offer.

The Calder Health Centre and Haeata help pianist Christopher get his health back. Christopher seen here playing piano in public.

Christopher's Story

Childhood abuse and years on the street have taken a heavy toll on Christopher’s body. But with care and aroha from the Calder Health Centre at Auckland City Mission – Te Tāpui Atawhai, Christopher is still smiling in his early 60s – and working towards his musical ambition. Always creative, Christopher has built stage sets, done hairdressing and run his own takeaway lunch bar, but his greatest passion has always been music.