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Tax Credits

Claiming your tax credit

It’s easy to claim your tax credit for donations and if you want to help the Mission further, it’s also easy to have IRD forward your credit to us as a donation.

To claim your tax credit:

(Note: you do not have to file a complete tax return to request your tax credit)

If you would like IRD to forward your rebate to the Auckland City Mission, complete the section titled ‘Transferring your Tax Credit’ as follows:

Annual Receipts

Thank you to everyone who makes a regular donation to the Auckland City Mission. Your ongoing contributions provide support we can rely on.

Annual receipts are forwarded every April. For more information, please contact the fundraising team.

Copy Receipts

If you have lost or misplaced a receipt for a donation, simply email us with the details: (your name, address or Donor ID, amount, date and payment type) or phone the Fundraising Team on 09 303 9209.

Payroll Giving

Contributions made via Payroll Giving are receipted directly to your employer. Tax Credits are applied immediately. Annual receipts are not issued, nor can you claim Payroll Giving contributions as part of your annual Tax Credit return.

If you would like a breakdown of your contributions please email the Fundraising Team with your request.