Monday 10 July 2023

Kai and kōrero: how food helps us connect

A meal of roast chicken, vegetables and salad.

A crowd favourite, roast chicken with vegetables and salad.

Around 40 women attend the wāhine dinner each week, and their favourite kai is roast chicken with gravy and salads. During dinner both volunteers and guests have a lot of fun. Sometimes there will be a game or a volunteer offering free manicures.

Volunteers prepare and serve the dinner, an effort shared between Te Miringa Trust and wāhine living at our kaupapa Māori service, Te Whare Hīnātore. Te Miringa Trust is a group of women who support wāhine experiencing homelessness, and for the women from Te Whare Hīnatore it is a way to give back in acknowledgement of the help they are receiving.

Team Leader at Te Whare Hīnātore, Tui Gallagher, says it’s also about encouraging wāhine to take a step back to reflect on their progress.

“Because they were sleeping rough or couch surfing and now, they’ve got somewhere stable. There’s a meal three times a day, they’re surrounded by support and, most importantly, they’re part of a whānau.”