Friday 16 October 2020

New Research Released: Food Insecurity in Aotearoa

Today the Auckland City Mission, in partnership with the University of Auckland, released its latest research on food insecurity via webinar.

The report follows on from last year’s research collaboration with the University of Auckland, Shining a Light on Food Insecurity in Aotearoa, which outlined the level of food insecurity in New Zealand.

Alongside the goal of employment, the latest report also shows an overwhelming majority of people surveyed (77 per cent) say their food insecurity is due to the cost of living exceeding their incomes.

It also finds that for one in five people surveyed, meeting basic needs (food, housing and adequate health care) is an aspiration.

The Mission’s GM of Social Services and Health, Helen Robinson says “that people aspire to having basic needs is a very worrying piece of evidence for our country.”

She says despite some perceptions, people living with the stress of struggling to find food for their families have the same goals and aspirations as all Kiwis and much of it revolves about being able to secure stable and fulfilling employment.

Whakarongo ki te kōrero whānau katoa o te rangatiratanga uses data previously not analysed to gain greater insights into the lives of people experiencing food insecurity and tells the story in their own words.

“This research really does celebrate the resilience, creativity and determination of people experiencing food insecurity,” says Ms Robinson. “The findings from the research reveal the goals and dreams of the participants and it is their voice that we hear throughout. There is much to do.”

Learn more:

View the full report –  ACM World Food Day Research 2020.

The full hour webinar presentation can be found here.