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Elder Persons Service

Elder Persons Service

The number of social connections we have can decline with age. Families and friends grow older too, which can mean losing key social supports.

This leads to feelings of isolation and loneliness and has tangible health implications. Elderly people are often cut off from the wider community due to physical and circumstantial barriers.

The Mission reaches out and visits people over 55 who are in desperate need and are unable, for one reason or another, to access mainstream services and meet their basic needs.

Howard* was brought to the Mission’s attention by Housing New Zealand. A member of the Elder Persons Service team visited Howard and found him living in squalor. After multiple visits, we were able to convince Howard to undergo a mental health assessment, which proved that he was living with Dementia, Schizophrenia and other mental health issues. Howard then spent some time in hospital as doctors worked to ensure he was accessing the appropriate medical attention. Once his home had been cleaned and sanitised, Howard was able to move back and now receives full mental health support to ensure he and his home remain clean and healthy.

*Name has been changed to protect client’s privacy

The Mission supports older Aucklanders with:
  • Reducing their social isolation
  • Needs assessments of their living situation and care planning, including home visits
  • Food parcels, financial management and medical care
  • Access to budgeting support
  • Help to contact family or other social networks
  • Assistance in accessing suitable accommodation or retaining existing accommodation
  • Advocacy and coordination between needs assessors, clients and rest homes
  • Advanced care-planning, or access to Hospice care
  • General information

For more information about our Elder service, ring 09 303 9200 or email [email protected]

The Mission would like to acknowledge the valuable support provided by the Selwyn Foundation towards the Elder Persons Service.